We provide you with the following essential elements of a modern diet office management program.


  • Connects to a lipometer
  • Connects to ergometer and other office equipment
  • Ready integrated bases with standard foods and raw materials analyzed in all ingredients Macro and micro nutrients

System Parameters

  • Time Zone
  • Language
  • Weight
  • Unit Length
  • Unit Energy
  • Unit Volume Unit
  • Statistical Data

Automated procedures for creating meals

  1. Ready integrated database with all standardized foods analyzed in all ingredients Macro and micro nutrients.
  2. Ready integrated database with all raw materials analyzed in all Macro and Micro nutrients.
  3. Personal database for the dietician with foods and raw materials of interest and everyday use.
  4. Possibility to register the entire existing database or to register specific foods on the personal basis of the dietician.
  5. Simple process of creating new diet patterns
  6. Simple process of creating prescriptions
  7. Simple process of creating standard meals
  8. Simple process of creating a new diet for a client by using a template or copying a diet from a customer to a customer
  9. Simple process of creating a new meal for a client by using a template or copying an existing meal from a customer to a customer
  10. Simple process of registering a complete recipe at a meal by copying a template or copying a recipe from a customer to a customer
  11. Drag-and-drop procedures for alter the meal order in the diet
  12. Drag-and-drop processes to change the range of meals in meals
  13. Ability to group meals and prescriptions into categories making it easy for the dietician to access them on a daily basis
  14. Automated merging of categories into a new entity to clear possible mistakes in previous listings

Automated client management processes

  1. Automated process of synchronizing and merging customers to a new entity to clear potential mistakes in previous listings
  2. Ready integrated database with all addresses and zip codes for easy search
  3. Automated city merging process to a new entity to clear potential mistakes in previous listings
  4. Ready integrated database with all professions for easy search and standardization
  5. Automated merging of professions into a new entity to clear potential mistakes in previous listings
  6. Ability to group customers into categories for easy management and search on a daily basis


  • Plan & history of appointments per Dietetic Center Branch
  • Plan & history of appointments per dietitian
  • Plan & history of appointments by procedure
    • Fat
    • ergometric
    • Etc.
    • Combining the above
  • Plan & history of appointments per patient
  • Combination of the above
  • information per appointment
    • Ratio
    • Targets
    • Other

Customers Management

  • Create a folder for each new customer
  • Grouping customers
  • Customer allocation
  • Collective updates by e-mail or sms
    • Birthday
    • Reminders
  • Create doctors lists of various specialties and other partners


  1. Resume
    1. Personal information
    2. Sports
    3. Sleep Disorders
    4. Work Elements
    5. Miscellaneous
  2. Historical Data
    1. Height / Weight
    2. Goals set
    3. Psychological States influencing appetite
    4. Diets in the past
    5. Historical data with their results
    6. Various
    7. Sleep Quality
    8. Monitoring fluctuating weight
  3. Medical
    1. Health Problems
    2. Pharmaceutical Support
    3. Vitamin Support
    4. Various
  4. Particularly Medical References to
    1. Blood Pressure
    2. Thyroid Disease
    3. Bowel Diseases
    4. Allergies
    5. Pregnancy
    6. Breastfeeding
    7. Blood Sugar levels
    8. Hepatopathies
    9. Hematology
    10. Dyslipidemia
    11. Menstrual cycle
    12. Metabolic Syndrome
  5. Dietary habits
    1. Foods that are included or not in the daily diet
    2. Meal Distribution
    3. Miscellaneous
    4. Water Consumption
    5. Coffee Consumption
    6. Carbonated beverages Consumption
    7. Alcohol Consumption 
  6. Nutritional frequency
    1. Dairy Products
    2. Meat
    3. Starchy
    4. Vegetables
    5. Alcoholic
    6. Sweets and sugar
  7. The menstrual cycle


  • Fat Determination based on
    • Formula depending on the body type
    • Scale
    • Manual
  • Fat Determination historical data
    • Segmental analysis and progression of fat-muscle mass
      • Selection Filter per fat-muscle mass
      • Time Selection Filter
      • Selection Filter per measurement
    • Complete presentation and analysis of customer's somatometric data
    • The full presentation and analysis of customer data Somatometrics
    • Body composition history
    • Print client's Body Fat results
  • Collection of the history of Customers' Ergonomics
    • Calculation of energy needs, somatometric indicators-evaluation
    • Print customer measurement results
  • Charts for customer progress
  • Easy Use RDA (RDA: Recommended Daily Dose)


  • Get informed on mobile tablet, and PC
    • Update for his appointments, with the ability to make them online.
    • Current Diet
    • Update for his daily meals.
    • Presentation of the of the supermarket’s shopping cart according to its daily meals for as many days as he wishes.
  • Prints
    • Print on screen or email current or past diets.
    • View on-screen or send e-mail for the course of the measurements from the day of the first appointment to the realization of the goal.


  1. Printing Fat Content (lipometry)
  2. Printing Ergometric Results
  3. Printing Appointments
  4. Printing Customer list
  5. Prints of diets
  6. Printing Financial Data
  7. Prints on the course of all measurements


  • User Lock / Unlock User
    • lock in case of repeated failed attempts to enter the system.
    • Button lockout enabled by the administrator.
  • IP logging
    • Viewing of each IP entering / visiting the system
    • Quest counting
    • Finding a site
    • Locate a site for a complete and complete picture of your system security.
  • Recording bad logins
    • Recording the IP address of the user when attempting to enter the system
    • Automatic control for possible threatening IP.
  • Nobot
    • Control and deter anywhere bot seeking intrusion into the system.
  • Print and download files no access
  • Text encoding - no SQL insertion database
    • Prevent “breach of security” from attacks through sql code.


Automatic and continuous Backup processes on multiple media simultaneously