What is FWA

Fitness Web App (FWA) is an online platform that fully supports a wide range of nutritionists and all those in need of nutritional, or sports support in order to find the right partner.

Functionally covers the freelance dietician who is starting his career today, and guides him throughout his professional career.
It fully meets all professional requirements, from the first steps to the management of large dietetic nutrition centers, with many shops and too many employees.

It has been developed by professional nutritionists and fully meets all their professional needs.
By automated processes, it facilitates the daily service of their customers.

  • Increases employee productivity and provides full control over employee relationships with customers.
  • Connects to office equipment with automatic data entry from lipometry, ergonometric and other office equipment.
  • Provides access to feed databases, with all macro and micro nutrients by analyzing their nutritional value.
  • Creates very easily diets, based on the needs of the client.
  • Provides ready-made equivalent meals and helps to quickly create a new diet.
  • In order to best service clients and office needs, it offers the most modern, complete and automated system of appointment management.
  • In collaboration with AnyAppoint, it allows customers to choose Dietetic Center, Dietitian, Process (Lipometry, Ergometry, New Diet etc) and automatically close appointments.
  • It supports collaborations with MD’s, physicians and generally with affiliates who have access only to their own information concerning them.

Affiliates are all dietitian's associates, and generally fitness professionals who need nutrition services for their own clients, for the purpose of the transaction or not.

Fitness Web App (FWA) supports a network of nutritionists and a network of affiliates who have the option of partnering with each other.

All customers through their mobile can be informed about their current and subsequent meals and view or print the supermarket’s shopping cart of the for as many days as they need.
They have access to their historical data, (determination of fat, fatigue measurements, diets)  and all their personal data at the touch of a button in full compliance with the GDPR security rules.
This service is provided by the dietician to his clients with his own details and logo as a service to clients.

Each Dietician updates Fitness Web App with the details of his company (Address, Phone, Logo, Colors etc), so that those who have access can feel the security offered by their nutritionist and can be easily advertised.
All partners and customers have access to information about them, on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
The Dietician regulates what information customers and partners have access to.

If a client has an access problem, the dietitian is automatically alerted in order to help him with very simple procedures.